The Society for Conservation GIS (SCGIS) is a non-profit organization that assists conservationists worldwide in using GIS through communication, networking, scholarships, and training. Membership is open to anyone looking to engage in a GIS community to help them achieve their personal or organizational conservation goals. If you would like to be a part of the SCGIS community. Our team performs a regional selection of applications for the annual scholarship competition

The Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group (UNCG), or the Ukrainian Environmental Group, is a Ukrainian environmental public organization aimed at combining the efforts of experts and scientists to protect biological diversity and the development of a nature reserves.


Center for Environmental Initiatives Ecoaction is a member-based civil society organization that unites efforts of active and concerned people in a joint struggle to protect the environment and achieve the desired social transformations. We support communities that defend their environmental rights and seek to participate in decision-making. We believe that protecting nature is impossible without public participation.

The Centre for Regional Studies is a non-governmental and non-for-profit organisation founded in October 1998  by a group of researchers, public officers and experts in regional development. The centre’s goal is to facilitate sustainable development of the Ukrainian Black Sea Region through research and professional project management in various fields of regional development.


National Ecological Centre of Ukraine (NECU) is a non-governmental not-for-profit organization created in 1991 when Ukraine has obtained independence. NECU consolidates individuals for common action to protect the environment. NECU conducts analytical research and engages with state officials to bring environmental considerations into their decisions. NECU is working for new nature protection zones creation to keep unique species of animals and plants in their natural environment. NECU also makes sure that the existing protected territories remain untouched.



Department of Physical Geography and Cartography KNU. VN Karazin.

Research on geography, started immediately after the opening of Kharkov University, under its first charter in 1804, the Department of Statistics and Geography of the Russian state. They strengthened with the creation of the historical-philological faculty of the Department of Geography and Ethnography (1884), especially when the department was headed A.M.Krasnov (1889) on the proposal which it was transferred to the Physics and Mathematics Department as physical geography and anthropology. Scientists of the department published dozens of books and textbooks, hundreds of scientific articles and essays, practical guidelines, popular science books and brochures; Research results are regularly submitted to international and national congresses, conferences, symposia, research and teaching seminars.


During development, both GIS engineers and GIS analysts use the same methodology, standards and tools for project management, which allows effective team cooperation. As a result, the teams are able to draw on best practices from a diverse variety of disciplines and come up with a solution that directly answers your needs.

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Innovative geospatial technologies for nature conservation in Ukraine